My First Blog!

What I hope to accomplish through this blog is to engage with other educators around the world in using technology to transform education.  As a middle school English and history teacher for 29 years, I was always the teacher who looked for ways to engage students through technology.  In 2015, I left the classroom to be an educational technology TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) for my district.  In 2016, I accepted the position as Coordinator of Educational Technology for my district.  I am currently in that role responsible for training over 2000 teachers who effect 50,000 students.  I love my current position and find myself constantly encouraging teachers to step outside of the box and use technology to transform their teaching and their students’ learning.  So, during the last few years in my new position, I have created many technology integrated lessons that have transformed the way teachers are teaching and students are learning.  I simply want to share these lessons with you in hopes to transform other classrooms around the world.